No Money After Flight Delays & Cancellations.


McCartney (2015) of WSJ posit that flights may be delayed or cancelled for so many reasons. The reasons may range from operational (faulty engines), snow blizzards or thunderstorms. “Cheap” flights may also be cancelled and their airplanes used to convey high-net worth VIP frequent fliers instead. In whatever situation, the airlines must disclose reasons for cancelling/ delaying the flights.

In an ideal situation, the airline should provide hotel accommodations for passengers, but in reality, most passengers, especially economy class passengers have to accommodate themselves and await the next rescheduled flights. Some passengers have been stranded at airport terminals. How do the delays/ cancellations affect them? Have you seen passengers sleeping on benches or obscure corners at airport lounges? They must have spent their last money on air tickets and cannot afford decent hotel accommodation.

Winter 2013-2014                             2014-2015

Total cancelled flights:                     126,397                                                 75,500

Number of passengers affected:    9million                                               4.5 million

Impact on passengers:                      $6 billion                                            $2.7 billion

Impact on airlines                              $382 million                                      $222 million

The Wall Street Journal.

It is time we begin listening closely to complaints from flying passengers when they vent and have these complaints resolved timely. Airlines need to stop discriminating against economy flying passengers in the event of cancelled flights and give them decent accommodations as they equally had reasons to travel and it is certainly very inconveniencing to turn the airport benches into beds.


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