Customers’ Feedback…

Organizations are quick to open shop and display their goods and services with the primary aim of making and maximizing profits. There’s nothing wrong with that. Except that very few organizations factor in feedback from customers on how they are doing in terms of customers service delivery. Most websites neither have feedback buttons nor call back numbers for customers complaints for resolution.

It seems to me that the organizations do not want returned defective goods, complaints about poor/ bad services or to discuss compensation or refund to be paid to dissatisfied customers. Some have “no refund” policy tags bolding written over the counters. This means check the goods very well, because once you’ve bought it, even if it is defective, expired or you no longer need it, sorry, you are stuck with it.

Unknown to these organizations, the cutting edge of today’s marketing and sales of goods and services is in excellent customer care delivery and the niche for business is feedback from customers and going that extra mile to ensure customers’ satisfaction. This makes for customers’ retention and a satisfied customer advertises your goods and services for free!. Its time to recognize the need for customers’ feedback and early complaint resolution .33484417_l


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