No Refund After Sales.

Have you seen those tags at shops, telling customers, once you’ve paid for an item, that’s it? Customers are supposed to be 100% sure of what they want to buy, because they cannot change their minds?

Some shops would ask the customer to pick something else, but certainly no refund! Could it be that the item may have deteriorated in value within when the customer bought it and changed his mind?

How about when it’s a wrong size or a gift that didn’t have the correct specifications and they shop doesn’t have the right size/ specifications? It may also be in the case of shops that allow time for money back or replacement that customers abuse the rights or are dishonest.

How do we look for a middle course to this. Can exploitation really be avoided from either sides? While it’s not fair to the customer for the shop to say no refund, it is also not fair for the shop for the customer to use the item depreciate the value of even spoil the item and claim/ request for a refund.

What would you think would be a win:win middle road for both the shop and the customer in cases needing a refund?


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