There is hope for Africa, after all…

Over 100 young African Leaders are participating in a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) workshop at ASCON, Badagry Nigeria. The young leaders are kept together for a period of 5 weeks per cohort and trained on subjects like Leadership & Accountability, Culture & Ethics and loads more. Over 1,700 young African leaders have been trained on integrity, accountability, leadership and culture and they are not disappointing.

This is a Barack Obama 2010 Initiative, because the problem of Africa is good, effective and accountable leadership. In the last 50-60 years, African leaderships have squandered the wealth and resources of the continent and have used its resources to build the West. Stolen loots have been traced to several

Banks in the West.

They are still regarded as the Black Continent despite how Africa has developed the West.

These young leaders impressed in terms of capacity, zeal to make Africa proud again and it is estimated that in another 5-10 years from now, one of these Great YALIians would emerge an Africa president, and more in the years to come.

I watched some of the greatest debates by these young African leaders and I’m encouraged and inspired that the future is bright. As a Facilitator, I was inspired to give more because we didn’t have such projects during our growing up years.

They feel distinct, chosen, separated and have shown character in their dealings and engagement. They have given the continent hope that in some years to come some of the mess of the past will be cleaned up.

Watch out for these Young African Leaders.


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