The Ice Skates.

A 58 years old Lady was traveling from Moscow through Dubai to Sidney to visit her daughter was was due to put to bed in a couple of weeks. The daughter loves ice skating. So the lady bought her daughter a brand new ice skates as present. She was assured at the check in counter that she could carry the ice skates in her carryon bag that there was no need to check it in.

The security and screening point indicated that the ice skates was among prohibited items to carry on the plane, because of the sharp edges. This was contrary to what the checked in counter officer had told her. The Lady’s flight was in 30 mins and was boarding ! The lady called her husband back to take the ice stakes back home, disappointed she was not going to be able to give her daughter the surprise present.

The Lady missed her flight because the desk officer would not assist her to handover the ice skates quickly and still board the plane. Her luggage was taken off the plane and the desk officer rudely told her that her suitcases were taken off the plane because she was late to board even after admitting it was his wrong directive to carry the ice skates in carryon bag that’s caused the delay to board the plane.

The Lady ended up sleeping at the cold lounge and her daughter had to assist her with an alternative flight booking. She spent 24 hours before the next flight and filed complaint against the airline and got a lot of compensation for poor customer treatment.

What is your complaint against service providers.? Don’t suffer in silence. You can have that complaint resolved and even get compensated for the poor services. Just visit today and lodge your complaint.


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