Aggrieved Customers.

Aggrieved Customers.

All products, goods and services are actually about the customer. Companies go into business to maximize profit from service delivery to the end users, the customers. It is surprising that in the course of delivering these products and services, they tend to forget about the satisfaction of the customers. They just want to handover the goods and services to the customers no matter the condition to deep their hands into the customers’ pockets to take their hard earned money!

That’s not the bad part. The bad part is when the customer realizes that the product or services rendered were poor or product defective. Most customers do not vent or report because they are almost certain they will not get good audience or replacement or even compensation for these poor service deliveries. The product or service deliverer makes a case for why the customer should keep the defective product or perhaps argues that the customer destroyed the item and wants to take advantage of the product deliverer by asking for a refund, replacement or compensation.

So why do we say “Customer is King”? “Customer is Always Right”? When exactly what is being said silently is the manufacturer of the goods and services is always right in the way the customer gets treated. Where is the customers’ voice?  What happened to the feedback channels where the customers are expected to revert to the service deliverer to fix the complaint?

The customer tries very desperately to explain the defect in products or poor service delivery but finds it difficult to communicate because the service deliverer “earned” the money and is not ready for a refund or product replacement. What is the recourse for example to flying customers who frequently get their flights delayed or cancelled for no fault of theirs and the miss out on millions of dollars appointments and all the airline says is “we are sorry for the flight delay or cancellation due to operational reasons”.

Customers deserve more than they are getting and should have a voice to speak loud and against these poor service deliveries.