The Ice Skates.

A 58 years old Lady was traveling from Moscow through Dubai to Sidney to visit her daughter was was due to put to bed in a couple of weeks. The daughter loves ice skating. So the lady bought her daughter a brand new ice skates as present. She was assured at the check in counter that she could carry the ice skates in her carryon bag that there was no need to check it in.

The security and screening point indicated that the ice skates was among prohibited items to carry on the plane, because of the sharp edges. This was contrary to what the checked in counter officer had told her. The Lady’s flight was in 30 mins and was boarding ! The lady called her husband back to take the ice stakes back home, disappointed she was not going to be able to give her daughter the surprise present.

The Lady missed her flight because the desk officer would not assist her to handover the ice skates quickly and still board the plane. Her luggage was taken off the plane and the desk officer rudely told her that her suitcases were taken off the plane because she was late to board even after admitting it was his wrong directive to carry the ice skates in carryon bag that’s caused the delay to board the plane.

The Lady ended up sleeping at the cold lounge and her daughter had to assist her with an alternative flight booking. She spent 24 hours before the next flight and filed complaint against the airline and got a lot of compensation for poor customer treatment.

What is your complaint against service providers.? Don’t suffer in silence. You can have that complaint resolved and even get compensated for the poor services. Just visit today and lodge your complaint.


There is hope for Africa, after all…

Over 100 young African Leaders are participating in a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) workshop at ASCON, Badagry Nigeria. The young leaders are kept together for a period of 5 weeks per cohort and trained on subjects like Leadership & Accountability, Culture & Ethics and loads more. Over 1,700 young African leaders have been trained on integrity, accountability, leadership and culture and they are not disappointing.

This is a Barack Obama 2010 Initiative, because the problem of Africa is good, effective and accountable leadership. In the last 50-60 years, African leaderships have squandered the wealth and resources of the continent and have used its resources to build the West. Stolen loots have been traced to several

Banks in the West.

They are still regarded as the Black Continent despite how Africa has developed the West.

These young leaders impressed in terms of capacity, zeal to make Africa proud again and it is estimated that in another 5-10 years from now, one of these Great YALIians would emerge an Africa president, and more in the years to come.

I watched some of the greatest debates by these young African leaders and I’m encouraged and inspired that the future is bright. As a Facilitator, I was inspired to give more because we didn’t have such projects during our growing up years.

They feel distinct, chosen, separated and have shown character in their dealings and engagement. They have given the continent hope that in some years to come some of the mess of the past will be cleaned up.

Watch out for these Young African Leaders.

No Refund After Sales.

Have you seen those tags at shops, telling customers, once you’ve paid for an item, that’s it? Customers are supposed to be 100% sure of what they want to buy, because they cannot change their minds?

Some shops would ask the customer to pick something else, but certainly no refund! Could it be that the item may have deteriorated in value within when the customer bought it and changed his mind?

How about when it’s a wrong size or a gift that didn’t have the correct specifications and they shop doesn’t have the right size/ specifications? It may also be in the case of shops that allow time for money back or replacement that customers abuse the rights or are dishonest.

How do we look for a middle course to this. Can exploitation really be avoided from either sides? While it’s not fair to the customer for the shop to say no refund, it is also not fair for the shop for the customer to use the item depreciate the value of even spoil the item and claim/ request for a refund.

What would you think would be a win:win middle road for both the shop and the customer in cases needing a refund?

Customer is King..:

This cliche has been over used and has probably lost its meaning. Business owners do not believe customer is king. They believe in their profit margin and customers take what business owners have or leave it.

How can we come back to the paradigm that businesses are set up for customers’ satisfaction first which then yields profit to the business owners?

We must do the following;

  • Find out what the customer wants.
  • Do businesses that align with customers’ needs.
  • Create effective customer feedback channels.
  • Resolve customers complaints early.
  • Treat customers with respect & dignity.
  • Create customer forum for interaction.
  • Have customers’ suggestion box to hear from customers.
  • Create business incentives for customers.

This said, businesses can only thrive when customers are given the right of place and we acknowledge that customer is king in our businesses.

Customers’ Feedback…

Organizations are quick to open shop and display their goods and services with the primary aim of making and maximizing profits. There’s nothing wrong with that. Except that very few organizations factor in feedback from customers on how they are doing in terms of customers service delivery. Most websites neither have feedback buttons nor call back numbers for customers complaints for resolution.

It seems to me that the organizations do not want returned defective goods, complaints about poor/ bad services or to discuss compensation or refund to be paid to dissatisfied customers. Some have “no refund” policy tags bolding written over the counters. This means check the goods very well, because once you’ve bought it, even if it is defective, expired or you no longer need it, sorry, you are stuck with it.

Unknown to these organizations, the cutting edge of today’s marketing and sales of goods and services is in excellent customer care delivery and the niche for business is feedback from customers and going that extra mile to ensure customers’ satisfaction. This makes for customers’ retention and a satisfied customer advertises your goods and services for free!. Its time to recognize the need for customers’ feedback and early complaint resolution .33484417_l

No Money After Flight Delays & Cancellations.


McCartney (2015) of WSJ posit that flights may be delayed or cancelled for so many reasons. The reasons may range from operational (faulty engines), snow blizzards or thunderstorms. “Cheap” flights may also be cancelled and their airplanes used to convey high-net worth VIP frequent fliers instead. In whatever situation, the airlines must disclose reasons for cancelling/ delaying the flights.

In an ideal situation, the airline should provide hotel accommodations for passengers, but in reality, most passengers, especially economy class passengers have to accommodate themselves and await the next rescheduled flights. Some passengers have been stranded at airport terminals. How do the delays/ cancellations affect them? Have you seen passengers sleeping on benches or obscure corners at airport lounges? They must have spent their last money on air tickets and cannot afford decent hotel accommodation.

Winter 2013-2014                             2014-2015

Total cancelled flights:                     126,397                                                 75,500

Number of passengers affected:    9million                                               4.5 million

Impact on passengers:                      $6 billion                                            $2.7 billion

Impact on airlines                              $382 million                                      $222 million

The Wall Street Journal.

It is time we begin listening closely to complaints from flying passengers when they vent and have these complaints resolved timely. Airlines need to stop discriminating against economy flying passengers in the event of cancelled flights and give them decent accommodations as they equally had reasons to travel and it is certainly very inconveniencing to turn the airport benches into beds.